Marine vet hopes to fulfill “lifelong dream” after double arm transplant

Two years ago, John Peck, a Marine who lost all four limbs to an explosion in Afghanistan in 2010, learned he might not have to rely on prosthetic arms for the rest of his life.

“This dude, Sgt. John Peck — what, what! — just got listed for a double arm transplant,” Peck said.

“These things, like, suck,” he had said, holding up his prosthetic hand. “I mean they are horrible.”

This summer Peck was wheeled into an operating room at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston for a 14-hour surgery, reports CBS News correspondent David Martin. Packed in ice chests, arms from a young man who had been declared brain dead 36 hours earlier were rushed in to be attached to Peck’s stumps. Dr. Simon Talbot led a team of 60 surgeons, nurses and technicians.

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